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Ismini and Orestes are in love. When a serious illness strikes their life, they are reminded that destiny is something complicated and the human mind usually ignores it.


H Ισμήνη και ο Ορέστης είναι ενα ερωτευμένο ζευγάρι. Όταν μια σοβαρή ασθένεια χτυπάει το ζευγάρι , τους υπενθυμίζει οτι η μοίρα είναι κάτι, που το ανθρώπινο μυαλό συχνά αγνοεί.

Written & Directed By
Costa Kalogiros

Vangelis Alexandris, Chrysanthi Theodosi, Yannis Papaioannou, Mary Voulgari,
Ermis Tziotis, Nikolia Fragatou Psarri, George Daravalis, Panas Thrafia, Louiza Sofianopoulou

Produced By
SerialFilmers - Costa Kalogiros - Chris .G. Daravalis

Janine Theisen

Christos Polychronopoulos

Edit & Sound Design
Kostas Koufiopoulos

Art Director
Konstantina Galli, Kelly Stathoulia

Set Decoration / Prop Master
Katerina Giannatou

Assistant Director
Chrisa Koutrakou

Camera Assistant
Peggy Zouti

Kostas Koufiopoulos

Original Music By
Louiza Sofianopoulou, Costa Kalogiros, Nikos Vittis, Nassos Sopilis

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