For Poetry Can Fix You


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A film by Costa Kalogiros

Duration: 30'

Language: Greek / English subs

Aspect ratio: 2.35:1

Year of production: 2019


Instagram: forpoetrycanfixyou


Orestes and Ismini fell in love at first sight. He is an artist, a painter and a poet. She is a young girl, just graduated from the university, in search for love, wisdom and completion. They spend most of their time in Oreste’s atelier, in the centre of Athens. When a serious illness is knocking at their door, they both realize that destiny, is something complicated and the human mind usually ignores it.

Written & directed by: Costa Kalogiros

Produced by: Serial Filmers

Starring: Xrysanthi Theodosi , Vangelis Alexandris, Yannis Papaioannou, Mary Vulgari, Panas Thrafia , Louiza Sofianopoulou, Ermis Tziotis, Nikolia Fragkatou-Psarri , Daravalis Georgios, Christina Rigopoulou, Elfie Kolea

Director of photography: Christos Polychronopoulos

Editor: Kostas Koufiopoulos

Co-producers: Chris.G.Daravalis, Christos Polychronopoulos, Costa Kalogiros

Associate producers: Janine Theisen, Xristos Xrisanthopoulos

Music by: Louiza Sofianopoulou, Nikos Vittis, Nassos Sopilis, Costa Kalogiros

Assistant director: Chrysa Koutrakou

Art direction: Konstantina Galli, Κέλλυ Σταθούλια

Camera Assistant: Peggy Zouti

Sound mixer: Kostas Koufiopoulos

Gaffer: Theodore Margaritis

Production coordination: Ermis Tziotis, Alexis Katsaris, Katerina Giannatou

Production Assistants: Giorgos Ziaidis, Nikos Skiou Filippopoulos

Camera trainee: Alkis Lagopoulos

Catering by: Barbera Caffe Greece, Papa George's, Panagiotis Kalantzis, Panos Papaeleftheriou, Petros Papaeleftheriou, mikroulee

Special Thanks: The Polychronopoulos Family, Antonis Koukis, Katerina Dimaki, Dimitris Kalogeris, RentPhotoVideo, Eirini Charaka, Stella Zervoudaki

Music performed by: How (unspoken) Louiza Sofianopoulou, Ftohos Cowboy Giannis Vozoris


Giannis Mais - Ftohos Cowboy

Lou is - How

Costa Kalogiros - Descending

Costa Kalogiros - Clashing colours


All rights reserved, Serial Filmers, 2019